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Know Your Taste

All our products are made using natural jaggery/unrefined cane sugar and are free of refined sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and emulsifiers.

A medley of bitterness and sweetness- Chocolates made with jaggery is less sweeter and healthier than the ones made with sugar.

What’s your pick?
62% Dark Chocolate Bar
70% Dark Chocolate Bar
80% and 85% Dark
Chocolate Bars
Dark Milk
Chocolate Bar

Presenting the lightest of the lot, 62% is for the ones who like their chocolates just sweet but not the sweetest! These bars are free of refined sugar and made to fit the palate of light-dark chocolate lovers.

The perfect balance of sweetness of natural jaggery and cocoa, the 70% is mild and best one to start your journey with dark chocolates.

Loaded with higher antioxidants, the 80% and 85% is for the ones who want to indulge in the real dark chocolate experience.

Our Dark Milk Chocolate using homegrown cocoa, natural jaggery and A2 Milk powder is the best choice for the ones who like 'not so dark' chocolates.

Anuttama Collections

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