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Anuttama presents ABSOLUTE COFFEE, our new 62% Dark Chocolate infused with Dark Roast Coffee.

The flavours of perfectly roasted Cocoa and Coffee merged together is a heaven for all the Mocha lovers. This bitter sweet bar is luscious, smooth, rich and decadent, a perfect after-meal dessert and definitely brings in the mouthfeel of coffee and a rich, creamy dark chocolate. Adding to this is the sweetness of jaggery that elevates the entire experience of cocoa and coffee.

What makes this bar unique is the usage of freshly roasted, 100% Arabica Coffee, perfect balance of bitterness from cocoa & coffee and sweetness of Coffee & Jaggery. The bar is smooth without any grittiness of coffee or cocoa, and a perfect snap.

The aftertaste i.e., the taste that lingers on in one's mouth after finishing the piece of chocolate is the one to die for!

If you are a coffee and chocolate geek, this bar is a must try.

Absolute Coffee | 62% Cocoa


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